Helpful Guide before Upgrading to a New Boiler




For homeowners who are planning to replace their traditional boilers with a new boiler that is more energy efficient needs to consider valuable information as to boiler prices, what fuel to choose and the different kinds of boilers suitable for various requirements. Not every family has the same needs with regards to heat and warm water which requires an evaluation of their heat requirements to obtain the new boiler that is just right for their convenience and comfort.


A regular boiler or a condensing boiler


A regular boiler is still a better choice for a large family with a spacious home with more heating requirements. For smaller homes and families, the combination boiler is a better option as it uses less space. The condensing boiler is considered more energy efficient than conventional boilers because they recover most of the heat that would otherwise escape from flues in the regular boilers. Not only are condensing boilers cheaper to run but they are more environmentally friendly. Prices of condensing boilers vary according to size and make.


Which fuel is more economical?


If you have the mains gas in your area, this can be the best option in terms of lower costs and convenience of supply. Oil is more expensive than gas but it provides an alternative in areas where there is no mains gas. Electricity is an expensive alternative due to the fluctuating prices of fossil based resources. However, the advantage of electric boilers is the lack of carbon monoxide emissions and pollution. It is also easier to use and operate and requires less maintenance from plumbers.


Boiler repair or new boiler?


In some instances, it can be cheaper to repair a conventional boiler than replacing it with a new one. If you have a reliable and trustworthy plumber to assess the condition of your boiler, he will recommend on the best course of action to undertake.


Hiring a plumber.


For safety reasons, it is essential to hire plumbers who are Gas Safety registered. By law it is required that all plumbers working on gas appliances must be registered with Gas Safety for the protection of the public.